Joyful Grace is a truly delicious blend of Pure Essential Oils.   Lavender relaxes both the nervous system and muscular systems encouraging a peaceful disposition.  Geranium has a delightfully sweet fresh scent giving you a feeling of stress relief and joy.   The combination of these essential oils gives any environment or yourself a complete feeling of relaxation and delight.   Place a few drops in a diffuser or rub a drop or two on your wrists creating a calm uplifting energy.


INGREDIENTS:   Special Blend of Essential Oils (geranium, lavender, bergamot, rosemary)


HOW TO USE:   Place a few drops in a diffuser. Rub a few drops in hands, inhale to relax and uplift your senses. You can even place a few drops in a spray bottle with some purified water in times when you are stressed or just need a lift of spirits. Place a drop on forehead while meditating to help come into a more meditative state.


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Joyful Grace is a blend of Pure Essential Oils for use in a diffuser to bring calm energy to any room or space. Lavender brings a peaceful energy into your space. Geranium gives you a feeling of pure joy with it’s slightly sweet floral scent. The combination of these essential oils is truly delicious.